Joining Wrexhamian Lodge

Many think about joining Freemasonry but do not know where to start.

You may not know much about Freemasonry in North Wales, or know any Freemasons from the North Wales area. As a result the internet is fast becoming a point of contact for new members and therefore we have developed our website to help potential members gain a better understanding about Freemasonry in general and the Wrexhamian Lodge in particular.

To find out more about our fascinating world-wide institution and in particular how to become a member of our lodge, please take a few minutes to send us an e-mail via the ‘Contact Us‘ option on the top menu. We will contact you and arrange to answer any further questions you may have regarding Freemasonry and becoming a member of Wrexhamian Lodge.

Wrexhamian Lodge takes its Freemasonry seriously but is very well known in the North Wales Province as a friendly Lodge which knows how to put on a good evening and to have a great time.

There is always a heartfelt and warm welcome. The environment is supportive and understanding a great source of fun for all

New members: We’re looking for new candidates for membership. You do not need to wait for an invitation. If you’re interested in Freemasonry and are thinking of joining a Masonic Lodge in North Wales, then Wrexhamian may be the one for you. Just contact us using the Contact Us option from the main menu in order to to obtain more information about Freemasonry,  and arrange an informal meeting.

Joining members: If you are already a Freemason and wish to join Wrexhamian Lodge, please contact the Secretary for further details.

pdfProspective Members Info

Booklet issued by Wrexhamian Lodge to provide information for those interested in joining Wrexhamian Lodge.